Activity Level Ratings

Activity Level Ratings

Our Activity Level Ratings provide an understanding of the physical expectations for each tour, making it easier for you to find the journey that is right for you. Activity Level Ratings are featured in each tour – Day Tours and Destination Tours – but more importantly, a detailed description of the activity requirements can be found on the individual tour’s web page, within the Itinerary and FAQs tabs. These descriptions summarize the ease or rigors of activities, as well as information regarding length of walks, hikes or treks; altitude; internal flights; train travel; and more.

In general, our itineraries run the gamut from easy sightseeing or attending theatre performances to active and challenging. Therefore, we recommend that your level of fitness, stamina and overall ability match the activity requirements for the tour you select. In order to make the best personal choice, you should carefully study the day-by-day itinerary and decide whether you are capable of handling the various activities. The Activity Level descriptions outlined below provide a general overview of program pacing and expectations for each rating. Detailed information regarding specific activity expectations, provided online for each tour, should be reviewed carefully to ensure you have chosen a tour appropriate to your capabilities.

We encourage you to contact us for questions on the Activity Levels of our tours. Please bear in mind that by their very nature, all Destination Tours involve a certain amount of moving from place to place, regularly getting on and off various modes of transportation and navigating busy tourist sites on foot.

Level 1: Easy

Expectations: Little to no walking.  Traveling at a leisurely pace, this itinerary requires a small amount of physical activity. Depending on the itinerary details, guests will need to be prepared to board a plane, bus, boat, ferry or ship. There will be some walking to rooms, cabins or restaurants and general points of interest. This may also include an occasional flight of stairs or some steps during transfers and stops.

Appropriate for: All travelers including those with lower mobility and who are comfortable participating in at least three hours of activity per day.

Level 2: Relaxed

Expectations: This tour requires light physical activity combined with shorter travel days. Tour members should expect intermittent walking, with occasional slight inclines and stair climbs, including boarding the motorcoach. Activities may include an occasional city or nature walking tour, stopping along the way. Guests should be able to climb a set of stairs, walk up or down slight slopes and navigate some uneven terrain or cobblestone.

Appropriate for: Travelers who are somewhat physically fit and comfortable with longer days of touring (both walking tours and coach time).

Level 3: Moderate

Expectations: Expect a moderate amount of walking. There will be time to rest on the coach and between attractions. To enjoy this tour, you should be prepared to walk slightly longer distances, climb stairs and tolerate periods of standing, for example on city walks, sightseeing stops or ship excursions. The daily pace and timing can fluctuate significantly between longer and shorter travel days, with additional activities possibly occurring in the early morning or evening. There may be some changes in altitude or temperatures.

Appropriate for: Most travelers beginning with those who are moderately fit, lead semi-active lives, are comfortable participating in long days of activities and expect some physical exertion.

Level 4: Active

Expectations: The tour includes well-paced walking tours with regular breaks. Up to 2-4 hours of walking each day. To fully take advantage of all this tour has to offer, guests need to be able to walk longer distances, climb several flights of stairs and navigate steps and uneven terrain walking for extended periods of time over more difficult terrain (e.g. cobblestones, city hills, stairs without handrails, limited or no access to elevators). Your itinerary can include significant changes in temperature and altitude and may require a higher number of longer travel days with morning and/or evening activities. Most trips will feature long touring days, many full-day excursions and a full and active itinerary with a faster pace and longer distances. Excursions require standing and walking to city centers where coaches are prohibited. 

Appropriate for: Travelers who are physically fit, expect a vigorous pace and enjoy participating in two to three hours of physical activity per day.

Level 5: Energetic

Expectations: Tours include well-paced walking tours with intermittent breaks. Could be up to 4-5 hours walking each day. Likely to feature many attributes of our active level, this is very much an on-the-go tour with a complete itinerary involving a full, normally daily program of travel, sightseeing or events. We would consider this tour faster paced and free time at leisure will be more limited, in some cases just to evenings. Programs are at a very active pace, with long travel days and a demanding daily schedule of physical activities.

Appropriate for: Travelers who are physically fit, expect a vigorous pace, enjoy participating in four to five hours of physical activity per day and enjoy challenging themselves physically.

Level 6: Challenging

Expectations: Tours are at a very active pace, with long travel days and a demanding daily schedule of physical activities, i.e. hiking, trekking, kayaking, rafting, or bicycling. Travelers may be in remote and/or rugged regions with challenging terrain, possibly at high altitudes with steep ascents/descents. Leisure time may be limited (sometimes only in the later evenings).

Appropriate for: Travelers who have a high fitness level, expect a vigorous pace, enjoy participating in five to seven hours of physical activity per day and pushing themselves to their physical limits.

Additional Information

Each tour features detailed information regarding its Activity Level—found on the on the Itinerary and FAQ tabs on the individual tour web page.

Travel to and from the tour is not factored into our Activity Level Ratings. You should take into account your stamina when traveling long distances and/or with multiple flight changes. Also, you must be able to handle personal hand luggage independently throughout the itinerary.

In addition to physical fitness, you should have a strong level of preparedness to handle adverse weather and/or road conditions, rough seas, and other issues that can be challenging when traveling.

These descriptions are estimations only and actual physical activity on a tour may be more or less active than described. Pleasurebent Tours is not responsible for tours that do not meet activity expectations, as any final judgment on how physical an activity is or how fit an individual is subjective.  

Tour Directors may ask tour participants not meeting the physical requirements for a certain activity to sit out as a safety precaution and for passenger comfort and enjoyment. No refunds will be given for any activity in which a passenger does not participate.

We encourage you to contact us for questions about the Activity Levels of our tours.

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