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When you travel with Pleasurebent Tours you’ll experience unforgettable, breathtaking scenery, beautiful varieties of wildlife, unique flora – with expertly planned itineraries, comfortable lodging and varied cuisine. On our Destination Tours we provide door-to-door service. That’s right, no more parking the car or bumming a ride. We provide you with fully professionally-guided tours and transportation, but we also include baggage handling, most meals and full days of activities. To learn more about what is included in each tour package that we offer, please visit our Destination Tours.

Before making a tour reservation, please ensure that you are comfortable with the Activity Level and have the necessary mobility for the tour. While we try to assess and rate all of our tours, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your mobility on a specific tour.

We suggest that you dress casually for our daytime travels.  Please bring along a comfortable pair of walking shoes and tuck in a sun hat in your carry-on luggage.  Don’t forget your sunscreen. Most of the time there are no dress codes for the places we visit.

If you would like to request special accommodations at the hotel(s) where we are lodging, please call us as soon as possible and we will forward these for you.  Please keep in mind that these are merely requests and that we do our best to have them honored but we cannot guarantee them.

We encourage our travelers to purchase travel insurance when you plan a tour.

You might not realize that once we receive your final payment on an overnight tour we disperse these funds to our contractors on your behalf. Those funds become nonrefundable at that point.

Sometimes health issues crop up that you did not anticipate and cause you to cancel your tour. Occasionally we can resell the space and refund your money but often we can’t and it is really sad to see one of our clients lose those funds. So we encourage you to consider purchasing the insurance so that you can get your money back if you can’t make the trip. We provide information on various policies to each person who makes a deposit with us for a tour and again with the final payment billings.

We provide information on three types of insurance coverage – two that provides coverage to customers dealing with preexisting medical conditions and one for customers who might want to cover just those unexpected illnesses. Please call us and let us give you a quote on the cost. It is not fun to miss a trip but it is even worse to lose the money!

Cancellation and Interruption insurance is optional and is up to the individual traveler to purchase.

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