Embarking on a cruise journey offers an unparalleled experience of luxury, adventure, and relaxation. For those starting their sea voyages from Tucson, the choices are vast, but a few ships stand out for their exceptional service, unique offerings, and commitment to providing an unforgettable experience. When working with Pleasurebent Tours, we work with the best cruise partners to provide you with the most exceptional itinerary, ideal travel departure, and incredible value. Among our outstanding partners, we have identified the most notable cruise vessels including the Cunard Queen Mary 2, Scenic Eclipse, and EcoGalaxy Catamaran for their distinctive features and itineraries. Join us as we explore why these vessels are considered some of the best cruise ships and why they should top your list for cruises escorted from Tucson.

Cunard Queen Mary 2: A Transatlantic Marvel

Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 is not just a ship; it’s a floating piece of maritime history that redefines luxury cruising. The Queen Mary 2 holds 2,691 guests and 1,173 crew members. It has a length of 1,132 feet. Known for its classic transatlantic voyages, this ocean liner combines timeless elegance with modern amenities. It stands out for its grandeur, boasting sumptuous accommodations, world-class dining, and an array of entertainment options.

Whether you’re lounging in one of the ship’s expansive decks or enjoying afternoon tea in one of its elegant salons, the Queen Mary 2 promises a journey steeped in luxury and comfort, making it a top choice for travelers seeking the best cruise ships for their next vacation. This vessel is the winner of the USA Today 10 Best award for Best Mid-Sized Cruise Ship 2023 and travAlliancemedia Travvy Awards Best Luxury Cruise Ship.

Pleasurebent Tours is partnering with Cunard to offer travelers the outstanding Norwegian Fjords Cruise. Although we won’t be making a transatlantic journey, you’ll be able to discover this incredible vessel as well as experience the beauty of a Norway cruise. You’ll discover a land untouched by time and shrouded in folklore. Where icy waterfalls spiral down skyscraper cliffs and a smattering of fishing villages provide the only signs of civilization. Norway’s transcendent fjords couldn’t be a greater contrast from New York’s bright lights. This group cruise from Tucson departs on August 4, 2024, and returns on August 14, 2024. Be sure to read the full Norwegian Fjords Cruise itinerary to learn more about this luxurious adventure.

Scenic Eclipse: The Ultimate Discovery Yacht

For those who yearn for adventure without compromising on luxury, the Scenic Eclipse offers an unparalleled experience. Dubbed the ‘World’s First Discovery Yacht,’ this vessel combines opulence with the spirit of exploration. With its state-of-the-art technology, including helicopters and a submarine, passengers can delve into the heart of each destination’s natural beauty and wildlife.

Designed to deliver the ultimate 6-star ultra-luxury cruise experience of a lifetime for up to 228 guests. This small capacity allows Scenic to deliver the most tailored and intimate experience for passengers. The Scenic Eclipse is perfect for the intrepid traveler looking to explore remote and pristine environments in the lap of luxury, making it a standout choice for the best cruise ships with escorted departures from Tucson.

In partnership with Scenic, Pleasurebent Tours is offering a departure in April 2025 for a 7-night cruise dubbed Treasures of Spain: Costa del Sol & the Balearic Islands. Moorish palaces and white sand beaches await along the southern coast of Spain where beautiful beach resorts and buzzy party capitals rub shoulders with ancient history along the sunny southeastern coast. From tourist hotspots to undiscovered gems, this itinerary will show you a slice of the Spanish good life. Read the full itinerary to discover more about this departure. Be sure to note the early booking sale, where you can save up to $16,000 until March 28, 2024.

EcoGalaxy Catamaran: Embracing Eco-Friendly Cruises

The EcoGalaxy Catamaran takes a different approach to cruising, focusing on sustainability and eco-friendly practices without sacrificing comfort. Designed specifically for the Galapagos Islands, this vessel offers an intimate and immersive experience, allowing passengers to connect with nature responsibly. Its smaller size facilitates access to lesser-known and restricted areas, ensuring a unique and personal encounter with the archipelago’s diverse ecosystems. The EcoGalaxy is suited for about 16 passengers with 8 crew members including a bilingual guide. For environmentally-conscious travelers, the EcoGalaxy Catamaran represents the pinnacle of eco-friendly cruising, making it an excellent option for those looking to embark on cruises escorted from Tucson with a minimal environmental footprint.

Set sail on a Galapagos Islands cruise in September of 2024 on board the EcoGalaxy Catamaran. The last leg of this adventure ends in a land tour including the awe-inspiring Machu Picchu. A breathtaking 14-day adventure that begins in the vibrant heart of Quito, Ecuador, and sweeps you across the magical Galapagos Islands, culminating in the mystical wonders of Peru. This journey promises an unforgettable blend of nature and culture: from observing the unique wildlife and conservation efforts in the Galapagos, including the iconic giant tortoises at the Charles Darwin Station, to exploring the rich historical tapestry of Peru, including the ancient streets of Cusco. Read the Galapagos Islands Cruise with Machu Picchu itinerary slated for this September!

Set Sail on Escorted Cruises from Tucson

Embarking on a cruise from Tucson involves an air journey to the nearest coastal port, but the promise of boarding one of these magnificent vessels makes the journey worthwhile. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless elegance of the Queen Mary 2, the adventurous spirit of the Scenic Eclipse, or the eco-conscious ethos of the EcoGalaxy Catamaran, each ship offers a unique voyage that stands out among the best cruise ships in the industry.

As you dream of your next cruise adventure from Tucson, consider the distinct experiences each of these ships offers. Whether it’s luxury, adventure, or sustainability that guides your choice, you’re guaranteed a journey that transcends the ordinary, making for a truly memorable voyage. Pleasurebent Tours is with you all the way. We handle the hard stuff and you enjoy your getaway.

In conclusion, for those seeking the best cruise ships and cruises escorted from Tucson, the Cunard Queen Mary 2, Scenic Eclipse, and EcoGalaxy Catamaran offer exceptional experiences that cater to a range of preferences and interests. Each ship promises a voyage filled with memorable moments, breathtaking destinations, and unparalleled service, ensuring that your journey on the high seas is nothing short of spectacular. If those don’t fit your interest, we partner with many other cruise lines that have exceptional offerings and vessels!

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